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In-depth teaching on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. The sights and sounds of modern and ancient Israel. Fellowship with local Israeli believers. Since 1986, this is what we've offered on Shoresh Study Tours - a unique experience of the Land of Israel and chance to know the God of Israel better.


Church’s Ministries Amongst Jewish People

CMJ was established in England in 1809 by prominent Christians.


CMJ was aware that God had promised to bring Israel back to its God, Messiah and land. Seeing the oppression and persecution of the Jewish people, CMJ began a ministry to relieve the suffering of the Jewish people through charity at local levels, political activism in the highest echelons of the British government, and proclaiming the Gospel of God's Kingdom.


The Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention

The Jerusalem Center for Genocide Prevention monitors high risk scenarios in order to predict and prevent genocide by tracking hate language and incitement identifying key tipping points exploring policy options for intervention by governments, human rights organizations highlighting lessons from missed opportunities to stop genocide.


Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation

Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization based in Jerusalem, Israel. They promote a wide variety of educational programs in conjunction with humanitarian relief, development work, and pastoral care.


Australian Light Horse Association

The Australian Light Horse Association is an organisation, whose aim is to preserve the history and tradition of the Australian Light Horse and its predecessors. 


Emu Gully Adventure Education Group

The activities run by the Emu Gully Adventure Education Group are purpose built for developing teamwork and leadership qualities and are typically based around epic Anzac events.


Jesma O'Hara

Jesma, and her husband John, have a national and international teaching ministry on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.


Shoresh Study Tours
Revelation TV

Revelation TV is a multi-award winning Christian television channel which broadcasts to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. 


HaTikva Film Trust

HaTikva Film Trust in a UK based organisation for the purposes of Christian education.

The main objective of the Trust is to foster an understanding in the Church of the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith as well as the place of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, from both a Biblical and historical perspective.



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