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We all have a heritage, something from the past which gives us a better understanding of who we are, both individually and nationally. In this regard our personal and national histories are important.

Our main desire and purpose in Heritage Resources is to present how our individual and national identities are linked in one way or another to the land and the people of Israel.

Jewish people have a natural heritage in and connection to the land of Israel.

All confessing Christians also have a natural heritage in the land of Israel and with the people of Israel through their being in covenant with Jesus, who is a Jew according to the flesh.

Many nations also have a heritage in the land of Israel. Throughout the centuries numerous nations have fought in or over the land of Israel while numerous others have had economic or spiritual connections to it.

With the beginning of the modern period, which began in the region in 1798, the European nations and the United States of America became actively involved in the land of Israel, both geo-politically and through Evangelical Christian activities.

In addition tens of thousands of soldiers from Britain, Australia & New Zealand (the ANZACS), India, South Africa and the Commonwealth fought or were stationed in the land of Israel, especially during both World Wars.

Each of the above stated categories therefore has a heritage in the land of Israel and in association with the people of Israel.

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